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The KELLY SHU™ Installation Guide - Interior
The KELLY SHU™ is designed to accommodate both internal and exterior mounting of your bass drum microphone. This guide will cover a typical installation for mounting your kick drum microphone inside your kick drum. The KELLY SHU™ is completely adjustable to achieve your desired microphone placement to the sound source.

Installing the unit inside the drum puts the microphone where the sound originates, while taking up 0% of available stage or riser space. With some adjustment, you'll find the "sweet spot" that you like and the microphone will stay put during play.

The Kelly SHU™ system remains inside the drum during transport so at the next gig, your kick drum is ready to be connected as soon as it's on the stage. Your kick drum microphone stays completely protected while mounted on the Kelly SHU™. The chance for damage to the mic while moving it from case, to stand, to stage, and back again a the end of the night is much greater than not touching it at all.
Stage Black Kelly SHU mount supporting an EV RE20 microphone.

The Kelly SHU™ Internal Installation Guide.
As there is no way for us to tell exactly how you wish to orient the mount inside the drum, it will be necessary for you to assemble your support cords to tailor your individual microphone placement. Assembling the cords is a simple and straight-forward process. The main mounting unit can be installed vertically or horizontally and perpendicular or at a right angle to the drum heads. It is recommended that at least 4 anti-shock support cords be used to install The KELLY SHU™ inside the drum. However, you may use as many as needed to achieve your desired placement of the mount. Begin by removing the front drum head to gain access to the inside of the drum.

Step 1. The KELLY SHU™ system comes with 10 supplied leather loops for you to install inside the drum as attachment points for the support cords. The loops can be located wherever you choose inside the drum, to orient the main mount and microphone to your desired position. It is recommended that you install the loops one at a time until all your loops are located where you want them.

First, remove a hardware screw from the point where you want an interior loop located. Fold one of the leather strips to match up the holes and pass the hardware screw through the holes as shown in the small photo at right. You may need to "turn" the screw through the holes in the loop depending on what size hardware screw your drum's manufacturer has installed. Replace and tighten the loop and screw to the screw's original position in the tuning hardware. Repeat the process until all your desired interior loops are installed.

Interior installation - Step 1

Step 2. Take the long length of supplied rubber cord and install a plastic hook on one end by first passing the cord through one of the plastic collars. Insert the cord FULLY into the hook. You should feel the cord pass by the hook's grippers and stop when the cord has been inserted into the hook as far as it will go, as indicated by arrow "A" in the photo at right. Slide the plastic collar completely around the hook’s grippers using a twisting motion, as indicated by arrow "B". The collar should now be seated fully against the hook. Give the cord a firm pull to be certain the hook is properly engaged on the end of the cord.

The length of the individual support cords should be approximately 50% of the distance of the mount to the drum shell. Continue building as many support cords as will be needed to engage the installed interior loops and the holes in the main mounting unit.
Interior installation - Step 2

Step 3. Connect your finished support cords between the Kelly SHU™ and the interior loops you pre-installed earlier. You may need to refine your installation by making any of the support cords shorter if the Kelly SHU™ seems to be supported too loosely inside the drum. The anti-shock support cords need to remain tight enough to support the mount and microphone without allowing the mounting unit very much free movement. The support cords may end up being surprisingly short. However, the cord is very elastic and you'll find it stretches a considerable distance.

The interior loops are large enough to allow you to pass a support cord hook completely through the loop, thereby engaging two holes of the main mounting unit with just one anti-shock support cord. This method will form a “V” shape between two holes in the Kelly SHU™ and one of the interior mounting loops as shown in the photo to the right. This is useful when you desire the mount to remain in an off-center orientation inside the drum shell.
Interior installation - Step 3

Step 4. With some experimentation, you’ll find your desired microphone placement to the sound source. The Kelly SHU™ will remain in position during play. The interior installation will have little or no effect on the drum’s sound. Your mount is now in position and you are ready to simply reach through your sound port and connect the microphone cable to the microphone, which will save time and valuable floor space on the stage or drum riser platform!

Interior installation - Step 4

Posted below are some typical interior mounting configurations. As shown in the photos, The Kelly SHU™ has the ability to be mounted internally, in any orientation, and can be adjusted to avoid your baffling material that you are using inside the kick drum. The anti-shock support cords may also help hold your baffle material in place against the batter head, if you find it useful to do so!

The Kelly SHU™ is the newest totally adjustable kick drum microphone mounting system on the market today!

Kelly SHU interior installation.
Kelly SHU installed inside kick drum in a horizontal orientation.
The Kelly SHU can be installed internally without being in the way of your baffling material.

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