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The KELLY SHU™ Installation Guide - External
Your KELLY SHU™ Microphone Mounting System is designed for easy installation on 99% of Kick Drums on the market today, as well as most vintage kick drums. The system will utilize existing tuning hardware to attach and remain firmly suspended on the front of the drum.

The system is completely adjustable, so your KELLY SHU™ will adapt to your drum, no matter where the sound port is located in the front drum head. If installed as shown here, your Kelly SHU™ and microphone can be left intact when the drum is stored in its road case. Your kick drum is ready to be connected the second it hits the next gig's stage.

Externally, The Kelly SHU™ attaches to the tuning lugs around the outside of the drum. The mount will remain firmly in place, no matter how hard you step into the kick pedal. The microphone remains easily accessed through the sound port to allow for quick position adjustemnts from gig to gig.
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The Kelly SHU™ External Installation Guide.

Step 1. Place the kick drum on the floor, batter side down. If available, install your desired microphone onto the main mounting unit as shown in the photo to the right. Gently set the mount onto the front drum head, positioning the microphone and slotted tab through the sound port hole. You will want the slotted tab to be about ½ inch from the edge of the sound port to begin the installation.

Choose which two holes in The KELLY SHU™ that you want to utilize for the short support cords. These can be any two holes you choose, depending on how you want the microphone and mount to be oriented in the sound port. Position The KELLY SHU™ with these two chosen holes as close as possible to the two closest tuning lugs on the drum. These holes will be used for the two shortest support cords.
Kelly SHU Exterior Installation - Step 1

Step 2. Take the long length of supplied rubber cord and install a plastic hook on one end by first passing the cord through one of the plastic collars. Insert the cord FULLY into the hook. You should feel the cord pass by the hook's grippers and stop when the cord has been inserted into the hook as far as it will go, as indicated by arrow "A" in the photo at right. Slide the plastic collar completely around the hook’s grippers using a twisting motion, as indicated by arrow "B". The collar should now be seated fully against the hook. Give the cord a firm pull to be certain the hook is properly engaged on the end of the cord. Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step 2

Step 3. The KELLY SHU™ will be suspended on the anti-shock support cords by attaching the hook on one end around the available tension lug BEHIND the hoop and claw of the front drum head, as shown in the illustration at right. The other end of the support cords will engage the mount in your choice of holes, depending on your individual installation and position of the mount. The anti-shock support cords are made of natural rubber, which will pose no threat to the finish of your drums. Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step3

Step 4. Determine which tension lug you will utilize for the longest support cord. Engage the hook around the tension lug behind the drum hoop and claw as explained in step 3. Without stretching the support cord(IMPORTANT!), wrap the cord around the edge of the drum hoop and position the cord towards the closest hole in the mount. Mark the support cord at a spot HALFWAY between the edge of the drum and the hole in the mount that you choose to hook the support cord into, as shown by the arrow in the photo at right. Cut the cord at your mark with a pair of sharp scissors and install another of the plastic hooks on the freshly cut end of your first support cord using the same method as explained in step 2. Leave the completed support cord assembly attached around the tension lug and move on to step 5. You will be attaching the support cords to the mount AFTER you have completed building all of your cord assemblies. Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step 4

Step 5. Continue the cord assembling process, moving on to the next longest support cord and ending with the shortest ones. Make sure to cut your support cords HALFWAY between the edge of the drum hoop and the chosen hole in the mount AFTER engaging the hook on the tension lugs as explained in step 4.

As shown in the photo at right, the cords will end up being suprisingly short. The anti-shock support cord is very elastic and the optimum support strength of the cords is achieved at approximately 150% the cord's natural length. Once you have assembled 5 of the support cords with hooks on each end, you may begin to suspend the microphone mount.
Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step 5

Step 6. Begin suspending The KELLY SHU™ by first attaching the two shortest support cords into the holes of the mount that you have chosen to utilize earlier, as shown by arrows "A" in the photo at right. While applying sideward pressure to the mount assembly (arrow "B"), attach the remaining 3 cords into their respective pre-determined holes in the mount. The mount should remain in an offset position to allow clearance of the mount and microphone from the edges of the sound port hole. Proper suspension of the mount and microphone should be sufficient with 5 support cords. You may choose to install more or fewer support cords as needed to firmly suspend The KELLY SHU™ and microphone in the sound port hole of the drum head, depending on your individual application. For instance, if you have a heavy playing foot, you may need to add one or two more support cords to minimize any bouncing of the mount that might occur during play. Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step 6

Step 7. After attaching your support cords, set the drum in its normal playing position. Make a visual check of the position of the mount and microphone in relation to the sound port hole. If the slotted tab or microphone is making contact with the front drum head, or The KELLY SHU™ is not centered around the sound port, you may easily make adjustments to the location of the mount. Determine which direction the mount needs to be shifted to move the microphone or mount to your desired location. Minor adjustments can be made to the mount's position by either (1) hooking support cords into the next closest hole in the mount or tension lug on the drum; (2) moving any of the support cords to run off one side of the hoop claw to the other; (3) cutting ½ inch at a time from the support cord which runs in the direction to which the mount needs to be moved; (4) using a combination of all 3 adjustment methods. In the instance shown here, we will move cord "A" down to the next available tuning lug and cord "B" will be moved to run off the opposite side of the hoop claw. Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step 7

Step 8. As the photo at right illustrates, simply moving two of the support cords from their original position (dotted lines) has rotated The KELLY SHU™ in a counter-clockwise and downward direction. As you will find, relocating the support cords to different positions either on the drum's tuning lugs or to different holes in the mount, will offer a countless number of adjustment possibilities. Once you have the position of your mount set, the mount will not shift position during play. You will be free from the hassle and obstacle of an extra microphone stand for the kick drum microphone and the microphone will be totally isolated from the drum and sound stage both. If you still have any questions or need more assistance in mounting your KELLY SHU™, you may e-mail us using the form located here, and we will be happy to help you with the installation! Kelly SHU Exterior installation - Step 8

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