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Eliminate your kick drum microphone stand!

Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts, Microphone Mount

The KELLY SHU™ Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts have been designed to adapt to 99% of all kick drum miking applications. The only kick drums that we have found which will not accommodate internal installation of the system are Peavey's Radial Pro series drums, page drums and Slieshmann drums. All other manufacturer's bass drums will allow for installation of the system, both internally and externally.

This microphone shock mount system was designed out of necessity for a better way to run a microphone on a kick drum. I have been a drummer in working bands for over 20 years, playing mostly smaller clubs with limited stage space. The "Old School" method of miking the kick drum by using a separate microphone stand, boom arm and bulky counter-weight was really becoming inconvenient. I had singers and guitar players constantly bumping into the kick's microphone stand, tearing up my sound port hole - knocking the microphone out of place -- Definitely a bad deal!

Not only was I tired of the kick drum microphone stand being in the way, we occasionally had trouble with stage vibration finding its way through the kick drum microphone stand and transferring to the microphone itself, creating a mechanical noise problem in the kick drum mix. There had to be a better way!

So, I developed The KELLY SHU™ Microphone Shock Mount! I am hopeful that you will find the system to be a welcome improvement over the method you are currently using to run a microphone on your bass drum. -- J. Kelly, developer of The KELLY SHU™

Some advantages of The KELLY SHU™ Kick Drum Microphone Mounting System:
  • Saves Valuable Stage Floor Space! The system requires 0% of available floor space. Since the mount is suspended on the drum itself, there is no need to find extra room on the stage floor or drum riser for placement of that troublesome kick drum microphone stand! The system allows the drums to be set up close to the edge of a drum riser, with no room needed for an extra microphone stand to hold the kick drum microphone.

  • Stops Unwanted Noise Signals! In many cases, smaller clubs and venues have a sound stage which is constructed with a mostly hollow interior. This causes a problem for vibration of the stage to travel through the kick drum microphone stand and create an erroneous signal from the large-diaphragm microphones typically used to amplify kick drums. The KELLY SHU™ Microphone Shock Mount is suspended on rubber anti-shock cords, which totally isolates the bass drum microphone from vibrations of the kick drum and sound stage both.

  • Saves Time At Set-up And Tear-down! The system has been designed to allow the microphone to stay with the kick drum during transport. The kick drum is able to be placed in its road case with the microphone intact, ready to be connected to the sound system as soon the drums are set on the stage. This saves the time needed to set up and adjust an extra microphone stand to accommodate the kick drum microphone.
In addition to the above,The KELLY SHU™ provides an interesting visual effect when mounted on the front of your kick drum, or when used internally with a clear front drum head. Its unique shape will get people looking! The system comes in Flat Black Anodized and Clearcoat Anodized finishes to compliment any drum kit.

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Kelly SHU Shock Mounts
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