Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System - Kelly SHU Shock Mounts!
Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts. Suspended Microphone Mounts for Drums!

Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts, Microphone Mount

Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts

The KELLY SHU™ Microphone Shock Mount can be installed completely on the interior of the kick drum. The interior installation utilizes existing tuning lug hardware screws to attach support cord loops at chosen points inside the drum.

The Anti-Shock support cords attach between the loops and the microphone mount, suspending the microphone completely away from the drum shell and sound stage.

Positioning of The Kelly SHU™ inside the drum is completely adjustable and depends on the length of the support cords and the locations of the interior loops to achieve your desired microphone orientation and distance to the sound source.

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