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BETA 52®A / Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount System.

The KELLY SHU™ Microphone Shock Mount can be used with a Shure® Beta 52®A and/or Beta 56®A Microphone. If your preferred microphone of use is the BETA 52A® or BETA 56A®, it is recommended that the internal mounting option be used. These quality microphones are quite heavy with a tall profile which work best with the Kelly SHU system when mounted inside the drum shell.

NOTE: The BETA 52®A is the new model of this microphone. The Kelly SHU™ was designed to be compatible with the new model BETA 52®A only. Older Beta 52's have a solid stand base. newer 'A' models have a hollow stand base.

We've compiled a pictorial installation guide dedicated to the BETA 52A® Microphone which is posted below. The microphone is a popular subject of questions we receive, so we hope this will help answer them for you. If you have any specific questions, please contact us!


OOOOHHHH MY! All the talk about the Shure® BETA 52®A Kick Drum Microphone! Will it work with the Kelly SHU System? The answer is yes, it will, however, there are certain restrictions for just about everything.

Now before I go any further, I must tell you. Under kind request of the Shure Corporation, I've been asked to post the following with anything I publish which shows their product. So without further adu. here's what we want you to know...

SHURE, BETA 52, and BETA 56 are trademarks of Shure Incorporated, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Neither Kelly Concepts, LLC nor its products are authorized, sponsored, or approved by, or affiliated with, Shure Incorporated.

So, that said, we can move on to the matter at hand, getting this BETA 52® installed and on its way to the stage!

The Kelly SHU Shock Mount is far sturdy enough to securely support a BETA 52® Microphone inside the drum both during play and during transport. The BETA 52® is not too friendly with our system if you desire the microphone to be half in - half out of the sound port hole in the front head. We suggest installing the BETA 52® internally.

Great news for Shure Corporation, the BETA 52®A is a fantastic microphone and very popular indeed. As you may know, they have built the microphone with a modular stand / xlr pivot mount. The xlr connection is located underneath the microphone's base, thus the SHU mount is blocking direct access to the connection with the microphone post in certain positions along the slotted tab.

Dont sweat it though, this will work just fine.

You'll have plenty of access to the microphone cable connection if you preplan your installation and position the Kelly SHU mount in the right direction. This demonstration is only one of the many ways and orientations we could  use to install the mount. The adjustment possibilities are virtually limitless!

In this sequence, I'll demonstrate the installation of the BETA 52® using my sweetheart of a kick drum, which we tattooed with the xlr socket yesterday ( she LOVES it, by the way!). This is not saying you'll need the permanent xlr cord and socket, you can still simply run the cord out of the sound port in your front head. I personally like the installed socket! How convenient can that be!

Anyway, lets get started. Get your B52 and Kelly SHU mount out and ready. We are using pre-built support cords for this install. Buyers are required to construct their own custom-length support cords with system-included supplies. Full, easy instructions come with the system. It really could not be simpler!

Just as a guide, listed below are the lengths of the support cords used in this installation. There are 6 altogether.

4 of the cords (A) have a length of rubber cord 3 1/2 inches long, before the hooks are installed.

2 of the cords (B) have a length of rubber cord 4 1/2 inches long before the hooks are installed.

The BETA 52®A microphone is quite large, with a tall profile. We cannot spin the microphone onto the threads of the microphone post when it is in position on the slotted tab of the mount. We are required to remove the microphone post from the Kelly SHU and screw it into the base of the microphone first.

We line up the keyway located on the bottom of the threaded post to the microphone's direction and tighten the jam nut. Then locate the post and microphone back onto the Kelly SHU mount's slotted tab and replace the adjustment knob into the microphone post. It's ready!

The INSTALLATION________________________________

Due to the weight of the BETA 52®, it is best to orient the Kelly SHU mount in a  position which puts the microphone hanging below the mount when the installation is completed. Doing so will lower the center of gravity of the whole shootin' match. It just makes for a more stable installation.

We'll decide to utilize two of the upper tuning hardware screws, and two of the lower hardware screws as attachment points for the support cords. We install the interior loops at our chosen hardware points as per the instructions. We'll hang the Kelly SHU mount inside the drum with the tab facing downward. We attach two of the support cords (A), one to each forward top loop and then to chosen holes in the mount. As you can see, the mount is now hanging inside the drum and basically upsidedown. The main thing to remember is keep the microphone BELOW the mount when installing this particular model microphone.

We'll attach two more cords (A), to the 2 lower support cords loops and then the  two holes in the end of the mount. Under the semi-tight tension of these four cords alone, the mount is really quite stable at this point. It would be sufficient to stop here if you're not that heavy of a player. If you are a leadfoot rocker, then let's do a little more work to this thing.

Lest not forget,  ... we're dealing with a BETA 52® here, it's a great mic, but it's a big one, pretty heavy too! Let's add a couple more support cords (B) to really secure things up! These two cords will be ran from holes along the middle section of the mount, and upward to the two remaining internal loops in the top of the drum. Hook those up and you'll notice an immediate difference in stability.

Adding two more cords provides a three-way anchor point to the Kelly SHU mount and your BETA 52®, this nugget is there to stay! As long as the jam nut or hinge on the mic stays tight, the microphone will not move from it's original position! I just like to make sure everything is snug and ready to be forgotten about for awhile before I replace the front head. You won't need to get at it any time soon, for sure not if you have installed the xlr socket in the drum shell... hint - hint..! ( refer to yesterday's blog! )

As you can see in the photo here, the microphone post and BETA 52® are REQUIRED to be positioned either all the way forward OR all the way backward in the slotted tab. If installed as we've shown here, the microphone will rotate 180 degrees around the end of the slotted tab while offering access to the xlr connection the whole way around. Which adds quite an offering of adjustment possibilities.

Straight on, Off axis, towards the shell, beater or head, the Kelly SHU mount keeps microphones pointed where they belong for an extended period of time. Talk about a quick set-up!, and maybe more importantly, the load-out! Quicker ANYTHING would be nice in this area!

Additionally, with microphone post slid completely forward, the BETA 52® can be connected using a straight xlr cable in front of the mount, on the logo side.

I am using the pre-installed xlr connection that we put in yesterday, did I mention how much I like that thing?? Anyway... it is not required to use an internal mic connection but boy are they ever handy!


If you don't have the connection, you can simply run the cable out the sound port hole of the drum until you decide to take the plunge and install the socket ... hint - hint ... ! We suggest a HOLZ sound port protector to reduce any friction caused by the cord if you prefer to do it that way.

Keeping the mic cord away from the edges of the sound port hole:

We've done this trick... Most everyone has material left over from the system, extra hooks, support cord and interior loops. I've built a support cord, with hooks on each end, about 8 inches long and attach it across the front of the drum. Attach each end to a tuning lug on opposite sides of the drum, choosing any two that will allow the attached cord to intersect the sound port location on the front of the drum. Attach the cord to those tuning lugs and this should form a "bridge" in front of the sound port hole. You'll run your mic cable over the top of that rubber "bridge" and then into the drum and connect on to the microphone.

Simply run a piece of gaff tape around the mic cable and support cord where they both meet. This trick holds the mic cable away from the edges of the sound port hole, if one really needs to keep it from touching the front drumhead in any way, this is one solution you might try.

Apply Gaff Tape at the spot where the support cord and microphone cable meet.

Guess what, we're done! So there we have it, Our BETA 52®A is securely mounted and ready for just about anything we can throw it's way. If you are looking for the solution to mount a BETA 52® internally, we hope you think that "We have your answer"!

The above shows only one suggested way to install this microphone using our system. The final installation is up to you. This installation could certainly have been moved toward the resonant head, utilizing the outmost tuning hardware screws, which would move the microphone further away from the batter head. The Kelly SHU can be installed horizontally, vertically or even sideways inside the drum to gain the upper hand on microphone positioning!


The system comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on the main mounting unit. You really owe it to yourself to try this system! The possiblities are virtually unlimited. 

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