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The Kelly SHU™ - - Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts.
Suspended Bass Drum Microphone Mounts; saves stage space, saves time, and
eliminates vibrations thanks to our rubber isolation suspension system!

The KELLY SHU™ Drum Related Links. - The world's first magnetically-driven kick drum pedal. No springs, just pure magnetism drives this smooth quiet kick drum pedal. - Stay cool, calm and collected on stage with this 3-speed fan made especially for drummers and musicians. - If you are looking for custom drum refinishing and cymbal repairs/mods - look no further than Tony! Totally awesome job on custom drum refinishing, he offers fantastic recording studio services and he can save your cymbals from despair! Thanks to Tony for allowing some pics to be taken of his prized drums for this website! - The RIMRISER is a cross stick enhancer that allows you to get that perfect cross-stick sound every time, giving you consistency throughout your performances. Reviewed by Richie 'Gajate' Garcia, Chap Ostrander and Scott Tucker.

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Eliptical FX - Neon Glowing Drum Rings!
Now Here's a COOL Product!
ElipticalFX is the cool new way to trick out your drums, and put some POP into your perfromance!

ElipticalFX is created from an exotic material that captures light, and then redirects it towards the edge. What this means is that the edge glows under any light source, including stage lighting, sunlight and even black light!
If you weren't noticed before, you WILL BE after installing these groovy accessories!

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The ULTIMATE All-Girl Tribute to AC/DC!

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