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Kelly Concepts, LLC and the Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System
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Tony Pepper - U.S.A.

Tony Pepper didn't pick up his first pair of drumsticks until age 10. he didn't even take his first drum lesson until age 11. By that time, even his teacher was amazed at Tony's raw ability to play. Practicing on a used set of Pearl drums purchased at a yard sale, Tony worked hard at a young age to master the art of drumming.

His story begins on Beale Street in Memphis, where his parents would take him as a child to watch live bands and street performers. hooked by the mesmerizing scene, drumming became his pursuit. By age 15 he was playing the bass guitar and by 17 years of age, had picked up the guitar.

Tony revels in his passion for perfection in the technical aspects of his instruments. Studying how instruments function and how to get the most out of each of them, he's quickly becoming one of the area's most respected up-and-coming drummers. His specialty is the double-bass pedal and rudimentals.

Tony is just as passionate off stage as on stage, keeping the band, The Switchfits, loose with a sense of humor and wild personality. His influences include John Bonham, Danny Carey and Lenny White.

The Switchfits are a trio of teens that are taking the St. Louis music scene by storm. With a unique chemistry and impressive knowledge of reading and writing music, their band has been growing strong for over a year. Local media embraced The Switchfits in October with their baseball-themed rock song “On Our Way” used during the St. Louis Cardinal’s 2009 post-season. With this immense coverage, The Switchfits were officially on the map in St. Louis.

Impressed by their natural talent, local radio and TV personality John Brown has been using the band’s song “On Our Way" as a theme song for his daily 3-hour radio show on The Big 550 KTRS. In November and December, once again the media supported the band with TV and newspaper coverage during a national “Battle of the Bands” competition, titled “Schooljam USA,” sponsered by NAMM. The Switchfits were voted one of the top 10 teens bands in America and got to perform live at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA in January 2010. At the event, drummer Tony Pepper was awarded "best percussionist" of the event winning a prize package which consisted of an Audix D6 kick drum microphone and The Kelly SHU™ kick drum microphone shockmount system.

In Febuary,The Switchfits were invited by Monster Jam to perform live at The Edwards Jones Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams, for a crowd of about 10,000 people at the "party in the pit." The Switchfits' biggest opportunity so far came 2 weeks later when they were asked open for Houses of the Holy, a nationally know Led Zeppelin tribute band for 8000 fans at the St. Charles Arena. Trying not to look too far ahead, The Switchfits are taking things one day at a time and happily pursuing the opportunities that come their way.

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