Markus Der Schlagwerker Endorses The Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount!

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Kelly Concepts, LLC and the Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System
welcomes Markus der Schlagwerker to the Kelly SHU™ family.

Markus der Schlagwerker - Sweden
Independent Drummer / Percussionist Drumset, World Percussion, Classical Percussion, Bass, Guitars and Keyboards

Bio Information:

Markus der Schlagwerker is a german-born drummer/ percussionist/ composer now living in Sweden.

Markus started his musical career as a guitar-player but discovered soon that drums/ percussion should be his be his first choice. He also added other instruments such as keyboards and bass, which helped a lot when it came to writing and recording original music. In the beginning Markus mostly played in different punk- and hardcorebands (such as the bands “Ocean” and “Haze”), but there was also a strong interest in all other styles of music. Markus dedication led him to the Ingesunds College of Music to pursue degrees in Education and Performance.

Markus der Schlagwerker has worked/ toured/ recorded with various swedish/ international artists such as Copyman and the Babeflirters, Vindspel, Fnula, Mama Franka, Funksania, The Sardinien Funk Project, Melting Pot, Marie-Anne Rydman Quartet, Schrägbandet etc. as well as with his with own Fusion- and Worldmusic trios and quartets.

Markus has also performed and toured as a classical Solo-percussionist and played a lot of symphonic orchestral music.

Nowadays Markus der Schlagwerker mostly spends his time working as an independent Drummer/Percussionist/Teacher or writing and recording his own music.

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