Sweet Lew Rosengrant Endorses The Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount!

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Kelly Concepts, LLC and the Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System
welcomes 'Sweet' Lew Rosengrant to the Kelly SHU™ family.

Sweet Lew Rosengrant - United States

Lew Rosengrant is the drummer for:
Matt O'Ree Band

Bio Information:
Lew has been drumming out beats since age 12. Involvement in shool music programs generated experience which led to gigs with many bands such as Lunar City, Jaski, Random Test, Mimi Cross, deSol, and many others.

School also led Lew to begin teaching at Drummers Alley and Red Bank Academy of the Arts where he teaches and average of 40 students per week. It was there he eventually met Matt O'Ree, who also teaches at both places.

After striking up a friendship with Matt and being asked to fill in on numerous gigs with his band, it was evident to Lew that this was his 'musical home'. Lew's fill-in position has now gone full-time with the Matt O'Ree Band.

For a time, Lew had relocated to New York City to study and gig with such drummers as; Derrek Phillips from The Charlie Hunter Trio, the Brazilian Parade Band "Samba New York", as well as sitting in on many jam sessions with musicians from all over the world. New York City also gave Lew an opportunity to explore writing his own music for his wife Kristin's dance company, DeXdance.

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