Kenny Hogan Endorses The Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount!

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Kelly Concepts, LLC and the Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System
welcomes Kenny Hogan to the Kelly SHU™ family.

Kenny Hogan (Asia)

"I have recently used Kelly SHU in my shows and clinics and find it to be an excellent product! Especially for myself as a busy clinician and performer, doing over 300 clinics in the SE-Asian region and moving my drums like crazy it is indeed very convenient. I remember when I did not know about Kelly SHU, I very often had problems with placing my bass drum mikes going from many different venues after venues but not anymore!!! I am so glad to tell everybody about this superb product! Thank You Kelly SHU!!!!"
-- Kenny Hogan, Independent Drummer and Percussionist.

Kenny Hogan Biography:

Nothing can best describe Kenny Hogan than SE-Asia's leading drum clinician with more than 300 drum clinics and masterclasses conducted around the region. Over the years he has worked extremely hard and pushed his way up to be a major drumming influence in promoting and representing Singapore to various international countries. Kenny has also represented SE-Asia for world class international music events during his career.

Kenny has been performing professionally for 19 years in the regional music industry as a freelance sessionist for countless of international & local bands ranging from rock, fusion, pop, jazz, ethnic, oldies and beyond! As an independent drumming artiste, Kenny has also performed for numerous local celebrities in major entertainment venues. He has performed in many international music festivals and collaborated with various international artistes/groups from US, France, Brazil, Republic of Czech, Italy, Norway, China, Australia, UK, Sub-Continent and of course SE-Asia.

Kenny is an international level endorser with Canopus Drums (Japan) Vic Firth drumsticks, Kelly SHU Pro, Sabian Cymbals, Axis Pedals and HART Dynamics (US). Kenny has been knowned by many as an extremely hardworking musician who is not afraid of challenges and doing things out of the "norm". In late 1999, he decided to make a huge difference in his drumming career, apart from the usual performances for artistes & teaching, to be the first ever drummer in Singapore to conduct drum clinics in United Kingdom, Sub-Continent, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

In early 2009, Kenny was accepted as a member of the Professional Drummers Guild of America alongside great world Class drummers across the globe including Dom Famularo, Kenwood Dennard just to name a few. Kenny is also a member of Hudsons (Teacher Integral Program) & Vic Firth (Private Drum Teacher) in the US.

Besides Kenny's band performances and clinic invitations, he has also been invited to a number of SE-Asia's top and prestigious music colleges such as International College of Music (Malaysia) an alumni of Berklee College USA, National University of Singapore (NUS), Academy Seni Kebangsaan ( Top music colleges in Malaysia), National Institute of Education (Singapore) and Institute Music Indonesia (IMI) currently the No.1 music institute in Jakarta.

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