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Kelly Concepts, LLC and the Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System
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Ingo Marte - United States

This self-taught, versatile drummer from New Jersey has a real passion for the drums and an impressive history on the drum throne!

Ingo Marte - Biography:
Rock, Jazz, Funk , R&B are some of the versatile sounds you'll hear from Ingo! Born in Worms Germany, his musical influences range from Dave Weckl, Ginger Baker, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Grand Funk Railroad, Chic Corea, Lenny White and Marco Mendoza. At a young age, Ingo had a strong desire to play the drums. His passion grew deeper when learning about his uncle's career, a professional drummer in the 50's.

Ingo owned his first drum kit at the early age of 13. During this time Ingo realized drumming is his heart and soul. At the age of 18, self-taught Ingo started to pursue his drumming career.

Ingo Marte / Drummingo - NAMM 2008

While touring Germany, Ingo played with 'Stairway' from 1975-1977. In 1978 he played with 'Afrodisia', a funk fusion band, that recorded an album titled 'Elephant Sunrise'. During that time Ingo also toured Germany, France and Spain with 'Atrium', a German rock band that recorded an album named 'Color Seed'

In 1980 Ingo grooved with 'Soap' and in 1982 he toured with Raven, a 13 piece Reggae show band. In 1983 Ingo decided to pursue his musical career in the United States. Ingo first joined 'Orangeman', a cover and originals band in 1984. In 1986 he was the drummer for 'Yasgur Farm', a hard rock band. In 1987 he jammed with 'Like 6'. In 1990, Ingo joined the 'Tom Fax Band' and in 1991 he became the drummer for 'Potentials'.

From 1992 - 1994 Ingo played with the 'Dream Street Orchestra', during which time he also worked a drum clinic with Ginger Baker. In 1995 Ingo decided to broaden his career and explore studio work. Ingo worked as a studio drummer with Phatrax Studios in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

In 1997 until present, Ingo joined 'Brian Kirk and the Jirks', a #1 New Jersey premiere Coors Light Sponsored band. Ingo has performed from Vermont to Puerto Rico, from VH1 (Cover Wars) to the Food Network (The Bobby Flay Show) as well as in 2001 performed with Bruce Springsteen for a Live set. When Ingo is not on the road playing you will find him with Will Calhoun as his drum tech, as well as with Van Romaine along with Papa Roach. Ingo's highlight and passion for music really comes together when he is actively teaching and mentoring students of all ages. He routinely hosts drum clinics and expositions in the New Jersey area. You can visit Ingo on MySpace

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