Gregg Premer Endorses The Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount!

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Kelly Concepts, LLC and the Kelly SHU™ Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System
welcomes Gregg Premer to the Kelly SHU™ family.

Gregg Premer - United States
Drummer - On The Fritz
Sales / Marketing Director - Midwest Music Center
Custom Batons and Awards

Bio Information:

Gregg merges influences in rock, jazz, and Latin styles to accent timeless hits in his band, On The Fritz. His unique style accompanies an obvious love for interacting with the band’s most loyal audiences from the stage. Hailing from McCook Nebraska, Gregg received his formal education in the Music Merchandising program at Wayne State College in addition to several professional engagements.   His training and professional experience in many diverse genres of music have come together to promote a Midwestern tradition of top shelf musicianship.

“My influences have brought me to a great deal of focus on my footwork.  Often times in the past I felt like much of my performance was not being heard by my audience do to the way my kick drum was set up or improper placement of microphone.  Almost immediately, I got the reaction I was looking for from both the audience and the guys on stage when I utilized a Kelly SHU™.”

Among the many challenges of integrating diverse formats of percussion, he has a new best friend in the Kelly SHU™.   “As it is for vast majority of professional drummers, I am my own tech so the last thing I need is to meddle with additional stands, cables, and various microphone placements.”  With the Kelly SHU™, I literally just plug in the cable as I would with an electric pad knowing that the mic is going to perform exactly the same night after night.”

On The Fritz enjoys a great deal of success in the region which puts them in very high demand for events such as wedding receptions, club dates, corporate parties, as well as outdoor events. “We play over a 100 shows each year and in doing so we find ourselves playing in every size of venue.  With the Kelly SHU™ I have virtually eliminated every microphone variable I have had in integrating an acoustic bass drum among electronic instruments.”

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Gregg markets handmade conductor batons and awards.  Visit for more details.


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