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Dave Davis - USA
Currently with; Ninth Circle
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Dave Davis grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, and started taking drum lessons at the age of 9. His mom insisted that if he was going to study drums (a non-harmonic instrument) then he would have to take at least 4 years of piano lessons, concurrent with his drum lessons.

Grudgingly, Dave agreed…it was the only way he could get drum lessons!

He now recognizes that his mother’s insistence on piano lessons was a tremendous gift in his musical development, and that the perspective he gained from playing another instrument makes him a better drummer. (thanks, mom!) And now, in addition to being a professional drummer, Dave also writes songs, plays keyboards and guitar, engineers and mixes digital audio.

At age 14, Dave joined a local band and by age 16, he was playing professionally at a local club in Colorado Springs. At 19, he attended the University of Northern Colorado as a percussion major, but after his first year, he decided that the program was not challenging enough and so he moved to Los Angeles, CA and began studying privately with Joe Porcaro.

Within two years of his arrival in LA, Dave landed a gig with a band called The Wumblies that got him into the studio at Sound City, with producer Bill Drescher (Rick Springfield, Richard Marx, INXS, The Bangles, etc.). That album, like many others in Hollywood, never made it to the record store shelves.

Then one night, while on the way home from a nightclub, Dave’s van was hit by a drunk driver on the freeway, and Dave suffered some very serious injuries. During the next two years of his recovery, he needed to re-learn how to walk, how to talk, and also how to play drums...the result was that he learned how to play left-handed on a right-handed kit (like Simon Phillips and Carter Beauford) ...something he had always wanted to do! So, like many of the challenges and trials in life, this one had an awesome silver lining!

After his recovery, Dave learned that Joe Porcaro was teaching at Musicians Institute, so Dave attended The Percussion Institute of Technology at MI in Hollywood, where he graduated with honors. Around that time, Dave played some sessions for a band that wound up getting signed to a label, and Dave was invited to be a member of the band, Spiritdome. Again, the record never made it to the record stores.

Dave continued gigging and playing sessions with bands such as Saint Germaine, Spice, Larissa and the Rainmakers, and The Troy Keyn Band.

Dave met up with Ninth Circle and things just seemed to fit! Dave is currently the drummer in Ninth Circle, whose CD titled “The Power of One” is receiving positive reviews. Ninth Circle is playing in the LA area and opening for the bands Dokken and Y&T, among others.

Dave is versatile and can play many different styles convincingly, but one of his passions is double-bass; and his outstanding ability with double-bass drumming has become one of his industry trade-marks. In his own words, "I play a wide variety of styles, but in my heart, I am a rock drummer...and I especially enjoy playing double-bass." Dave's influences include John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Randy Castillo, Randy Black, Carter Beauford, Mike Portnoy, Glen Sobel and the list goes on and on.

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