The Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount - Artists and Endorsers

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- The Kelly SHU™ Artist Roster -
Kelly SHu System Artist Eric Singer - KISS.
Kelly SHU System Artist Chris McHugh w/ Keith Urban
Kelly SHU System artist Scott Travis.
Kelly SHU System Artist Graham Broad w/ Roger Waters.
Kelly SHU System Artist Stacey Jones w/ Miley Cyrus
Kelly SHU System Artist Bryan Hitt - REO Speedwagon
Kelly SHU artist Ginger Fish.
Kelly SHU artist Mark Schulman w/ CHER, P!nk, Foreigner & many more.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Sean Fuller.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Kent Slucher.
Matt Sorum - kelly SHU Systems artist. Velvet Revolver, The Cult
Kelly SHU artist Ray Luzier w/ KORN.
Kelly SHU artist Dil Davies w/ Oysterband.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Rich Redmond - Jason Aldean / Sessions.
Kelly SHu System Artist Rick Allen - Def Leppard.
Kelly SHU Artist Brit Turner w/ Blackberry Smoke
Big Mick Hughes - F.O.H. Engineer, Metallica
Kelly SHU System Endorser Brad Madix (Clair Brothers), F.O.H. Engineer - RUSH Time Machine Tour 2010.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Lorne Wheaton, Drum Technician for Neil Peart - RUSH.
Kelly SHU Endorsing Front Of House Engineer "Poppa Smurf". F.O.H. Engineer w/ Poison.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Michael Miller, Drum Technician for Myron Grombacher - Pat Benatar.
Kelly SHu System endorsing technician Gary Grimm.
gary Sharpe - FOH Engineer. Numerous productions.
Kelly SHU System Endorser John Aldridge, Drum Tech for Bryan Hitt - REO Speedwagon.
Kelly SHU Artist Jason Sutter w/ New York Dolls.
Kelly SHU artist Rodger Carter w/ Rick Springfield. Also owner - The Doghouse Studio, Los Angeles.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Tommy Clufetos w/ BLACK SABBATH.
Kelly SHU System Artist Rikki Rockett w/ Poison.
Kelly SHU artist Chris Hamilton w/ Downset.
Kelly SHU artist Glen Sobel w/ Alice Cooper.
Kelly SHu System endorsing artist Johnny "The Clock" Richardson. Currently on tour with Trace Adkins.
Kelly SHU System Artist David Northrup w/ Travis Tritt.
Kelly SHU System endrser Chris Ralles.
Kelly SHU System Artist Sammy merendino w/ Cyndi Lauper, The Hudson Music Project.
Kelly SHU System Artist Tod Burr - Merle Jagger, Drum Tech w/ Rick Allen or Def Leppard.
Kelly SHU System Artist Barry Kerch w/ Shinedown
Kelly SHU artist Bobby Jarzombek w/ Sebastian Bach.
Kelly SHU System endorsing engineer Benoit Brideau, w/ Miley Cyrus Touring Productions.
Kelly SHU System Artist DJ Bonebrake - "X" The Knitters, The Bonebrake Syncopators
Kelly SHU System Artist Joe Vitale w/ Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Kelly SHU System artist Brian Tichy w/ Whitesnake.
Kelly SHU Endorser Jimmy DeGrasso.
Kelly SHU artist John Wackerman.
Kelly SHU System Artist Mat Mitchell w/ Puscifer (Maynard Keenan).
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Bill Ray.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Sarah Tomek.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Jason Benge
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Doc MacNab.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Devin Lebsack.
Kelly SHU System Artist Paul Simmons w/ The Reverend Horton Heat.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Robert Sweet w/ STRYPER.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Jon Lasen w/ VOLBEAT.
Kelly SHU Endorser Lee Kelley.
Jon "BERMUDA" Schwartz - kelly SHU Systems Artist. W/ Weird Al Yankovic,
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Casey Grillo w/ CAMELOT.
Kelly SHU System endorser Billy Ward.
Kelly SHU endorsing artist Scott Higham - PENDRAGON (U.K.)
Kelly SHU System Endorser Myron Grombacher w/ Pat Benatar.
Kelly SHu endorsee Adam Hagerman.
Kelly SHU artist Chris Marquart.
Kelly SHU Endorsing Drum Technician Robbie Cope - Independent.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Jenn Ledger - SKILLET.
Kelly SHU artist Trent Laugerman w/ 3 Pill Morning.
Kelly SHU System endorser Clint Carpenter.
Kelly SHU System Artist Jake Hayden - Missing Persons
Kelly SHU endorser Stephen Struss.
Kelly SHU System artist James Kottak.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Dave Bowen - Cody Canada and the Departed.
Kelly SHU System Artist Keith Zebroski w/ Miranda Lambert.
Kelly SHU System endorser Chad Stewart.
Kelly SHU System Artist Anthony "Tiny" Biuso - TSOL, Rhino Bucket
Kelly SHU System endorser John Spittle.
Kelly SHU System endorser Charlie McGlimsey.
Kelly SHU artist Charlie Adams - w/ Yanni
Kelly SHU System Artist Randy Cooke - Five for Fighting.
Kelly SHU System Artist Chris Frazier - Whitesnake
Kelly SHU System Artist Tony Hammons w/ Cottonmouth
Kelly SHU System Artist Al Webster - Jeff Healey, Collin James, Amanda Marshall
Kelly SHU artist Ricky Molina
Kelly SHU System Artist Juani Brito.
Kelly SHU System Artist Joey Klaparda. Joey Co-Invented the L.P. GoJo Bag, along with Stephen Perkins.
Kelly SHU artist Joe Sagliano.
Kelly SHU Endorsing Drum Technician Andy "Ando" Miller. Drum Tech for Rikki Rockett - Glitter Lounge Tour.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Harley DeWinter w/ SIREN.
Kelly SHU endorsing artist Vincent Dee.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Kirk Frederickson - Independent.
Kelly SHU System Artist Dave Challenger - Independent Nashville Drummer.
Collin Leirenaar - w/ Neal Morse
Kelly SHU System Endorser Scott Westbrook - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Kelly SHU System Endorser Benny Puckett w/ Big Engine.
Kelly SHU System Artist Bryce Kretz - Rough Shot.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Camille Gainer.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Dan Cartwright.
Kelly SHU System Artist Alan Bowers - Parrotbeach.
 Kelly SHU System Artist Bobby Figueroa - Al Jardine, Ricky Martin
Kelly SHu System Artist Zack Stewart - Independent Nashville Drummer.
Kelly SHU System endorser Sebastian Steber.
Matt Murphy Endorses The Kelly SHU System.
Kelly SHU endorsing artist Dan Cunniff.
Kelly SHU System Artist  Tommy Spano w/ Sekond Skyn.
Kelly SHU Endorser Kyle Wooton.
Kelly SHU System Artist Jason Thomas - Seasons of Eden.
Kelly SHU System Artist Michael Barker - John Butler Trio
Kelly SHU System Artist Lance Bennett w/ The Leo Project.
Kelly SHU System Artist Kasey Todd - The Van-Dells.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Ryan Burdette.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Andrew Merkle.
Kelly SHU System Artist and Published Drum Clinician "Tiger Bill" Meligari.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Steve Birkett - AVM, Songwerks Studios.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Michael Seiker.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Gina Osmar.
Kelly SHU System Artist Joe Murphy - Mr. Bella.
Kelly SHU artist Rick Leclerc w/ Bobby Wills.
Kelly SHU artist Aynsley Dickinson w/ Order of Voices.
Kelly SHU System Endorser David Bedell.
Kelly SHU Artist Danny Hutchinson - Independent.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Brain Ahl w/ HOOKT
Kelly SHU System Artist Evan Johns - formerly w/ HURT
Kelly SHU System Artist Mario Calire'.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Chicago Steve.
Stephane Chamberland Endorses The Kelly SHU system!
Kelly SHU System Artist Michael Gerbrandt - Independent.
Kelly SHU System Artist Juan van Emmerloot - Snowy White (U.K.).
Kelly SHU System Artist Terry Lesperance, Jr. - Independent.
Randy Walker, Scottsdale, AZ. Visit
Kelly SHU System Artist Bryan Meyers with "Loaner".
Kelly SHU System Artist Charles 'Pocket' Evans.
Chris Whicker - Kelly SHU System artist.
Kelly SHU Artist Dean Sudik w/ Elektrik Cirkus
Kelly SHU artist Tim Penska w/ East Coast Turnaround
Kelly SHU artist Darren Pfiefer.
Joe Vitale, Jr. - Visit or
Kelly SHU System endorser Michael Farrel.
Angel w/ DOPE endorses The Kelly SHU System.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Marco Nunez - The James Douglas Show
Kelly SHU System Artist Russell Wilson (U.K.).
Kelly SHU System Endorser Johnny Rhoads - Independent.
Kelly SHU System endorser Jamie Bundy.
Kelly SHU System endorser Aaron Edgar.
Kelly SHU System Endorser Elimy Prather - MyFakeHero -
Kelly SHU System Artist Johnny Lust w/ Playground
Mike Donahue - Kelly SHU System  Artist
Kelly SHU Artist Devin Buttner - Independent.
Kelly SHU System endorsing artist Hubert Neri w/ Guitar Shorty.
DJ Ravi. Howie Mandel's show on NBC, "Howie Do It".
Kelly SHU Systme endorser Jeff Stine.
Kelly SHU System Artist Ricardo Ramirez - Independent.
Kelly SHU artist Mike Starcher.
Kelly SHU artist David Clawson w/ The Endless Summer BAND.
Mike "Machine" Mallias - World's Fastest Feet
Kelly SHU Artist Kenny Ochoa.
Kelly SHU System Artist Louis James Davis - Outrage (U.K.)
Greg Goforth - Kelly SHU endorsee.
Kelly SHU System Artist Liam Callaway ( United Kingdom )
Kelly SHU Aretist Mike Velasquez - Independent.
Kelly SHU System Artist Jay Meeholz - Ominous. Jay uses The Kelly SHU system to support lights inside his triggered kick drums
Kelly SHU System Artist Roderick Patton - Independent percussionist.
In Memory Of:Kelly SHU System Artist Jeff Johnson. RIP Jeff. We'll miss you!
Kelly SHU System Artist Malaki 'Malikid' Elkaim - BREN.
Kelly SHU Artist Robert Sparrow - Independent.
Mith Austin - Kelly SHU System Artist.
Kelly SHU System Artist Link Logan.

We'd like to thank all of our endorsers and artists who have become a faithful part of our Kelly SHU™ family. We invite our visitors to stop by their bio pages and meet these great players.

Stevie D - Loggins & Messina
Sean Kinney - Alice In Chains

Here's a great article on Endorsements, what they mean to both artist and company and what they're all about.
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